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Curriculum Vitae templates

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A curriculum vitae must convincing from the beginning and must be clearly structured that a personnel manager get quickly an overview. An nice presentation folder will not help, if the informations are not clear or some informations are missing.

Below you will find some examples how a curriculum vitae is built and designed.

Link Note: All Samples are created with the online Application Manager.

Sample 1
Sample 4
Sample 7
Sample 2
Sample 5
Sample 8
Lebenslauf Mustervorlage
Sample 3
Vorlage Lebenslauf 
Sample 6
Lebenslauf Vorlage 
Sample 9
Muster Lebenslauf

Take care to the following points

Bring on the first page a meaningful portrait photo of you
Use a good passport photo, no photo or holiday party picture of your barbecue. Invest prefer something in a good photo because this is the first impression you leave.

Dont' use a flourishes font
This looks nice on an invitation for a Halloween party, but has nothing to do on a application letter.

List job experience this way, thet the current job is on the top
The recruiter is primarily interested on the current or last job. The most interested information are this way on the beginning and simplify the reading of your application documents.

Neutral email address
Leave no dubious or even childish impression with an inappropriate email address.
First name with name is neutral and gives no reason for negative thoughts.

nicht ok mousy_bearaer15@provider.xy    or       nicht ok rabbit666@provider.xy
ok p.sample@provider.xy                  or       ok peter.sample12@provider.xy

CV Templats of Application Manager

A large number of designs for a visually appealing resume, refer to the Application Manager.
With one click you can customize the design to obtain a suitable appearance for your application.
In addition, you can manage your applications and take advantage of the completeness and style check that your application is written objectively and correctly.

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